Frequently Asked Questions

Our F.A.Q.’s are all the questions we have been asked over the year of living in the bus and hopefully will help you understand why we live in it and what inspired us to do this!

  1. Were you on the Tiny House shows? No, we get this question a lot and while we would probably like to be on one someday, we have never been on TV…we also had never watched the show before we started living in our tiny house.
  2. What is the model/length/engine type of the bus? Our bus started it’s life in 1999 as an International Amtran School bus.  The engine is a diesel DT466e block.  The overall length of the bus is about 40ft and the height is about 8-10ft.  Our bus is also about 8ft wide as well!
  3. Where did it all start and what has been done on the bus so far?  When we bought the bus, it was already completely gutted with no seats at all.  We removed the rear heater, did all the framing and built the entire inside of the bus ourselves.  We have a queen size bed in the rear with a “basement” storage area under.  Our bedroom has a custom wardrobe now that allows us to have a bunch more storage.  We have a portable toilet for our bathroom.  Our kitchen includes a stove, oven, refrigerator, double sink, cabinet space and a large pantry. Our living room has a custom couch with a 46 gallon on board water tank under it.  We have Internet on board and even a cellphone tower on the roof to boost our signal to the bus!
  4. Are you done building the bus? Nope…not even close!  We have plans to build a new pantry, upgrade our power, build a bathroom, enclose the front end for a mud room when parked…just to name a few projects!
  5. Did you do the conversion yourself? Heck yea we did, and we have no experience when we started.
  6. Who painted the bus and how much was it? We had the bus painted to its current color and had a trailer hitch added to the back for only $2500, by StarJet Bus Painters / Motorsports.
  7. What do you do for income? That is complicated…We both work away from the bus and are camp hosts during the summer.  In the winter time, we bounce from campground to campground staying parked for 28 days at a time.
  8. How do you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter? The bus is cooled by two portable AC units located front and rear.  These keep the bus nice and cool…we also move air with fans throughout.  We are heated by two space heaters in the winter that can keep the bus nice and toasty when it gets cold and crappy outside!  We monitor our temperature 24/7/365 through an on-board monitoring system and an internal camera system to keep a close eye on things when we are away.

There will be more questions to come as they are asked, but this is a list of the most recent ones that we have been asked!!