About Us

In October of 2007, my wife and I got married in Ohio and started the journey that so many couples begin once they get married, starting a family. Having children is easier for some than others. For us, this struggle was much more difficult than we ever could have imagined. During our first year of marriage we moved from Ohio to South Carolina and started trying to have children. However the struggle to start our family was challenging. While we did expand our family by two dogs, Bailey and Tucker, we were unsuccessful at having a baby.

After moving out of South Carolina and to North Carolina, the desire to have children continued to grow. While in North Carolina we began to pursue reproductive specialists in an attempt to discover our best option for having a baby. There we learned In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) was our best option. We ended up moving again back to Ohio before we could begin anything but six years after getting married we started to explore the option of IVF. We were excited about the outcome and that it might finally allow us to start the family that we so desired to have. We also added another dog to our family in 2014, Ellie.

In 2015, having kids of our own through IVF ended after two failed attempts. We then started in a new direction for our family, adoption. This is the first time we had considered adoption, originally back in South Carolina, we looked at international adoption but due to moves and the price we stopped that adoption. We started our new path of adoption with a domestic adoption, then a few months later we switched to embryo adoption as we were really seeking to have our own children.

In March of 2016, we started talking more about what we really wanted in life. After being married about 8 and a half years and having been struggling with the the unfilled desire to have kids, we started talking about the next chapter of life, and so Life Unexpected was born. The blog and the life we are planning to live was originally our ‘Plan B’ if we couldn’t have kids at all. We have reached the point of emotion and mental tiredness and realized the reason we wanted kids is no longer just for us but for everyone else. So decided to start living for ourselves and just enjoying each other and or babies (the three dogs).

In June of 2017 we re-branded Life Unexpected to The Blue Bus People…since our rig is painted sky blue…we thought it fit better and the name was more us than Life Unexpected.

Through this blog, we will be sharing our experiences, talking about what is on our minds, and hopefully allowing all of you to find something cool either about us or where we travel!

Thanks for stopping by,

Andrew and Heidi